The Smart Experience is a new way to experience life in the smart home. Our vision is to make Smart Home a truly magical experience for every client. The moment you can engage with your home, customize music & media, lighting, climate, and security, your home then becomes an extension of yourself. We want you to become inspired by the Smart Experience your home will transform into. The moment you wake up your home activates the scenes you create and the Smart Home Experience you have personalized.

Our Story


Long before West Coast Automations was founded, I always dreamed of sharing my love of tech with others. I, just like you, took my first steps in automation by creating my own automated home. Frustrated with the cookie-cutter solutions integrators typically provided, I found myself searching for alternative methods to obtain a true Smart Home Experience. My background was always in home building with an underlying passion in technology. I came across Savant, the Lifestyle Automation company, years back and instantly fell in love with the way it transformed my own home. I became an advocate for Savant, which later translated in my need to become an integrator with Savant. I found the service to be exactly what I was looking for and knew it was a Smart Home Solution that my customers too would fall in love with. West Coast Automations was created to give consumers a technologically customized experience,  unique to each and every project. Our projects begin with a site-visit to thoroughly analyze your space, in order to ensure the design we create together does not only aesthetically fit into your living or working space but is in fact functioning at its highest capability. A solid home network and IT setup are essential to ensuring your new Smart Home components operate flawlessly. Once the network and IT setup has been established, we can dive into the fun stuff...


How We do it


Our projects start with key components that help us create the Smart Experience. We start with the Wish List Phase so we can create your home automation experience around what you are thriving to accomplish, paired with the convenience of how you will easily utilize the functionality of your custom setup. We are passionate about what we provide and work best with clients that are willing to immerse themselves in the process. The Wish List is everything under the sun you have ever wanted your home to do in a Smart Home Experience. By seeing what you are looking to achieve we then have the ability to strategize and structure the project to meet your expectations and budget. A solid home network is then custom-built to support your new network's higher traffic demands.  The IT process is a critical part of the project.  The brains of each project is the host. 

We build Smart Experiences around your every day life.  We educate you to create scenes that will start and end your day in ways you always dreamed of. Contact us Today, for more info on transforming your home or business into a Smart Home or upgrading your outdated products.